Derasa Clam Seashell Tridacna Derasa (1 shell approx. 7+ inches) Great clam shell for decor and display!

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Derasa Clam Seashell Tridacna Derasa (1 shell approx. 7+ inches) Great clam shell for decor and display!

 - One Shell pair
 - Shell size approximately 7+ inches

Crenelated shell. Mostly white with some color accents.

Tridacna derasa have a broad range in the wild and are found in the Indo-Pacific, Central Pacific and South Pacific as well as the Coral Sea. They occupy outer reef habitats on both sandy and hard packed substrates, and can be found either solitary or in small aggregations at depths ranging from 10 to 60 feet.

T. derasa can be identified by having six to seven vertical folds in their shell which they can close completely, where T. gigas has only four or five vertical folds, and is unable to completely close their hinged shell.

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