Gold-Plated & Silver-Plated Seashells

Welcome to our Seashell Supply & Emporium!

Seashell Supply & Emporium offers a wide variety of Seashells, Coral, Sea Glass and more. Check back in often when looking for new listings, discounts, and updates.

Please contact us directly if you are looking to make a large volume purchase or don't see the quantity listed, we may have additional inventory in overstock. 

Check out our Gold-Plated & Silver-Plated Seashells below for a wide selection in a variety of colors and sizes!

All Gold-Plated & Silver-Plated Seashells are great for gifting, ornament making, home décor, center pieces, and collecting.

We would love to see how you are using your Gold-Plated & Silver-Plated Seashells! Please share your photos with us on Facebook, or by email at  

All Gold-Plated & Silver-Plated Seashells are 100% natural seashells and may have natural imperfections. 

We offer quick turn around on most orders, typically shipping out between 1 and 2 business days from order. Find out more about shipping and packaging here. 

We offer simple returns on most of our products, check out our Return Policy for specific exclusions.

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12 of 13 Items