Assorted Blue, Green & White Rough Beach/Sea Glass - 1 Kilogram (~2.2 lbs.)

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Product Description

Assorted Blue, Green and White Rough Beach Pebbles.

These rough tumbled assorted blue, green and white glass beach pebbles are machine tumbled recycled/re-manufactured glass pebbles. Lightly frosted when dry from the tumbling, and really "pop" with translucent color when wet. Use our assorted colors Sea Glass Pebbles to bring a distinctive touch to any craft project or special event arrangements. Can be used as an accent in vases, aquariums, mosaic tile installations, etc.

• 1 Kilogram (approx. 40-50 pcs.)
• Pebbles are approx. .5-1.5" each
• Item normally ships separately flat rate due to weight.

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